Journal Articles

"Earned Income and Women's Segmented Empowerment: Experimental Evidence from Jordan," with Carolyn Barnett and Amaney Jamal (Conditionally Accepted, American Journal of Political Science).

"Down and Out: Founding Elections and Disillusionment with Democracy in Egypt and Tunisia," with Sharan GrewalComparative Politics, volume 51,

 no. 4, (July 2019).

"No Arab Bourgeoisie, No Democracy? The Entrepreneurial Middle Class and Democratic Attitudes since the Arab Spring," with Nimah MazaheriComparative Politics, volume 50, no. 4, (July 2018).

"Salafis in Parliament: Democratic Attitudes and Party Politics in the Gulf," Middle East Journal, volume 66, no. 3, (Summer 2012).

Book Chapters

"Boundaries of Protectionism: Ethnic Politics and Crony Capitalism in Jordan," in Crony Capitalism in the Middle East, ed. Ishac Diwan, Adeel Malik and Izak Atiyas. Oxford University Press, (2019).

Working Papers

"Ethnic Politics and Resistance to Trade Liberalization in the Arab World (Under Review)."

"In the Shadows? Informal Enterprise in Non-Democracies," with Kristin Fabbe and Allison Hartnett.

"Profits and Ethnic Favoritism: Evidence from the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)."

For copies of published materials or working papers, please click on titles or email stevemonroe12 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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